The YourCode Group is a group of recruitment, talent acquisition and talent management companies that work with some of Europe’s most exciting business and individuals. Born in 2017, the group is the fastest growing of it’s kind across the UK, boasting an extensive client list that ventures into mainland Europe and America.

YourCode Recruitment provides an efficient, effective and enjoyable staffing experience to job-seekers and employers since 2017. We know that a CV is important, but we also believe it is just a piece of paper and that’s why we have moved away from job boards, CVs & CV databases and now operate a fully digital recruitment model, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our day to day running of the business, one of the first of it’s kind within the industry.

YourCode Talent Acquisition provides internal recruitment functions to both start ups, SMEs & international organisations who require all the benefits of using an agency, under the price and commitment of an internal recruitment function. We are trusted by the likes of Dover Corp., DX Products and Weeduu Digital.

YourCode Talent Management is a management agency that supports the best of the UKs underground talent. It’s our job to manage their careers whilst building their personal brands into the ‘mainstream’​ spotlight. We are actively looking to increase the numbers within our stable, that currently boasts boxers, public speakers, comedians and even some of the UK’s youngest business professionals. If you believe you could fit the bill then please contact:

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