Julia’s First Year at YourCode

Julia’s First Year at YourCode

Julia’s First Year at YourCode

IT Recruitment Consultant Julia has been with us for a whole year! We caught up with her to find out how her first year has been:


Congratulations on your first year at YourCode!


Thank you! I completely forgot about it until Josh and Seon wrote to me to congratulate and thank me, which was really nice!


How have you found your first year at YourCode?


I’m pleased. One of my priorities when taking this job was to improve my English and I can definitely say that I am more confident with my English. I’m still making the same mistakes but I’m less worried about it!


In terms of recruitment, I was able to work on many different projects in many different organisations and that was very interesting for me and helped me to develop.


What was the highlight of your year?


I can say that actually, every new recruitment is important for me and I work on each just as hard, so there isn’t just one important moment for me. I’m glad that I can celebrate every success with the whole team.


What was your biggest challenge?


For sure it was recruitment from different continents, for example, the US, Thailand and Singapore; it was difficult to coordinate time zones and book a call for a time that suited the candidate and me.


What are you excited to develop/learn?


I want to try to recruit for more senior positions like a director. This may require more experienced knowledge, which I am happy to learn in the future.


Is it how you expected it to be, working at YourCode? 


No – I was surprised to find how helpful everyone is and willing to take my opinion into account. It’s really important for me to have an impact on what I am doing.


What advice would you give someone in their first year at a new job?


My advice is to be open to learning new things and focus on personal development; this will really pay off in the future wherever you find yourself.