New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior Recruitment Consultant

New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior Recruitment Consultant

New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior Recruitment Consultant

We spoke to new starter, Malgorzata about her role as a Junior Recruitment Consultant at YourCode.


Can you tell us a little bit about you, inside and outside of work?


I’ve always been into sports, I actually wanted to be an MMA fighter but decided against it. I have two dogs, an American Bully and a Chihuahua so I have an interest in pets training.


I’m also very interested in psychology, particularly the psychology of business because I think to be successful in business you need to understand people and understand their thoughts to work better together.


How did you get into recruitment the industry?


I have a background in hospitality and real estate but I really wanted to get into the IT world. When I was looking for a job I decided to get into recruitment and personnel. I’m very much a people person so this is where I feel like I fit in.  


I have two years of experience in customer service but I found it quite repetitive. I definitely prefer recruitment where every day is different and there are always new targets to work towards. The customers I speak to on a daily basis are also a lot calmer.


What is a Junior Recruitment Consultant? What will you be doing in your new role?


In my new role I’ll be working alongside the recruitment team, searching for and speaking to candidates and clients. I’m looking forward to being involved with the commercial side of things as well as recruitment.


How did you come to be a Junior Recruitment Consultant at YourCode? What has been your career journey so far?


I always wanted to work internationally. In my last job I was responsible for working with foreign clients, which I enjoyed. I’ve never worked only in English before but I was excited about this huge chance with YourCode for self-development and support with my career. I’m totally excited to be working with you all!


I’m currently a student in Warsaw studying Management and Marketing. This is something close to my heart and I hope to finish my Bachelor’s degree and then continue my studies with a Master’s degree. I’ve always had ambitions to be successful in business because my mother was the CEO of a dentistry company in Poland. She really inspired me from an early age to get into business, which is why I decided to go to the best business university in Poland and begin building my CV with experience as soon as possible. Work ethic is really important to me; I begin working in hospitality from 15 and then real estate from 19. I just want to learn as much as I can about different businesses to see where I feel I fit the best; for now I’m crazy about IT and it’s where I’d like to continue to explore.


What advice would you give someone interested in a career in recruitment?


Keep trying, don’t falter when something doesn’t go to plan. Recruitment is all about chance; sometimes you can have a candidate and a deal and then lose it really fast but don’t give up! It’s a rewarding experience so just push yourself and see what happens.


What advice would you give someone interested in a career in technology and IT?


If you’re very ambitious, want an exciting career and you’re interested in IT then you could be very happy and successful in IT. IT is not for everyone so make sure it’s something you’re passionate about by getting experience because there are a lot of sppecialists in the field with a real passion for technology. If you feel it, just do it!


What key skills are essential in your position?


I think you need to be ambitious and be very clear about your own goals. It’s not a job where you can just do what you have to. You need to be organised and you need to be charismatic to be able to connect with people.


Why did you want to join YourCode?


After meeting Josh the company immediately got my attention because it is very clearly all about people. I really love this mindset. I like that YourCode is involved in charity, has a great client policy and cares about its employees. I think the company is very different to companies I’ve previously worked with. 


What are you most looking forward to in your first few weeks at YourCode?


Of course I’m excited to know all of the team better and let them know about me and become part of the team. Even when working remotely, I think its really important to have this support. Equally, I’m looking forward to start working independently to show Josh and Seon that they made the right decision hiring me.