Fancy a career in the tech sector? Here are some expert tips!

Fancy a career in the tech sector? Here are some expert tips!

Fancy a career in the tech sector? Here are some expert tips!

Less than a quarter (24%) of the Gen-Z generation of young adults are confident in securing a career in technology – despite nearly half believing the pandemic will lead to more tech jobs.

“With the tech sector offering opportunities for young people, it’s more important than ever that we tackle myths holding young people back,” says James Jenkins, recruitment director in the UK and Ireland for Accenture, which made the findings.

Jenkins share the following top tips to help boost young people’s confidence in finding tech jobs and careers in the tech industry…

1. Explore different areas of the tech sector

Technology isn’t just the reserve of gaming and tech start-ups – it’s applied in many businesses today. Start by gathering information from different sources. Read technology articles in the press and listen to tech podcasts. You can also attend open lectures or do open learning courses online on topics that interest you. Check the careers pages of technology employers to see if they run open days for students, apprentices, and graduates.

2. Build your skills and understanding

Your university or school may also have contacts with employers, giving you the opportunity to attend open days and gain useful insight on what a technology career can entail.

3. Build your confidence

Remember that you don’t have to feel confident from the outset – that is perfectly normal – but know that confidence can be built.

Many people working in tech had unconventional career paths. Remember, your differences make you a more interesting candidate, who can bring alternative viewpoints to the workplace.

4. The social network

Your network can be an invaluable tool to getting on the tech career ladder. If you know someone in the sector – or a parent, friend or teacher can put you in touch – get talking!

Don’t be deterred if you don’t have readymade contacts. By attending open lectures about the sector, you can network with other candidates and speakers afterwards. You can also visit insight days at universities and technology companies. Follow companies you like the look of to keep up with employment opportunities.

5. Don’t be put off if you think you lack experience

Many companies hire candidates without concrete experience in technology, instead valuing candidates showing passion and enthusiasm, and train them up on the job. Consider digital and ‘soft skills’ that you use daily, such as computer proficiency and problem solving.

Above all, remember the tech sector is crying out for people who can solve problems and design new experiences. It requires talent who can programme and create – and needs a variety of people from all backgrounds and disciplines.

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