Top 10 Tips for a Successful Recruitment Campaign

Top 10 Tips & Hints for a Successful Recruitment and Attraction Campaign

Top 10 Tips for a Successful Recruitment Campaign

Want to move your business forward? It starts with attracting the best talent with a stellar recruitment campaign. The recruitment process is a crucial time, not only for candidates to show their potential but for you to prove why your company is the best organisation to work for. 


With unemployment rates across Europe at a low of 6.6%, recruiting desirable professionals has never been more competitive. A lot has changed in the last few years in terms of  what people are looking for from potential employers. Technology has been a major driving force behind changes in the way we work in recent history. Cloud-based systems and video conferencing particularly, have enhanced connectivity and collaboration between colleagues. Nothing, however, has matched the catalytic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on working practices in recent years.


The “Great Resignation” saw millions leave their jobs in search of better prospects as remote working became the norm and work-life balance the buzzword of 2021. A study by Humanyze found that whilst average working time has increased by 10-20%, the experience of stress has reduced. Now, more than ever, people are demanding flexibility, positive company culture and a work-life balance and if they can’t see these things at your company, there are plenty of organisations visibly offering them in an increasingly competitive labour market.


Offering incentives like flexibility, advancement and training, however, isn’t enough if candidates don’t know they’re there. That’s why the way you sell your vacancies is equally important to what you sell with your vacancy.


Here are our top tips on how to sell your company and vacancy to bring in top-quality candidates with your recruitment campaign:


What to sell to candidates:


Emphasise your strong company culture


Culture is essentially, “how we do things around here”. Do you micro-manage or do you trust, support and reward productive employees? Do employees feel as though they can converse with you socially; or raise or challenge issues with you professionally? Do you champion well-being? These are all things to emphasise when wishing to make the way you do things around here more attractive than the way other companies do things around there.




Whether it’s for family reasons, health reasons or personal preference, many people desire some degree of remote work. The pandemic has proven that not only can employees be trusted to work remotely, but they can thrive. With productivity remaining high and well-being at work improving, hybrid and remote working are no longer seen as perks but as a necessity. Can you accommodate this?




A high-quality hire can do a lot for your business; but what can you do for them? Make the answer to this question clear throughout the recruitment campaign. What advancement opportunities would be available, should the candidate be successful?




Candidates are going to be asking themselves how your advertised position can add value to their professional development. Offering purposeful, high-quality training confirms that this role gives them the expertise not only to comfortably succeed in the job but to also develop in their professional journey.




Similar to offering training, detailing the induction process can set a candidate’s mind at ease that they will be supported in adjusting to their new role. Can you perhaps offer a mentor to help with this?


How to sell it to the most candidates:


Consult a recruitment service


Consulting with a recruitment service gives you access to a further pool of candidates with experience and skill sets relevant to your industry. YourCode offers an efficient, effective and enjoyable recruitment service. We operate with a fully digital recruitment model, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our day-to-day running of the business to help us provide the most efficient recruitment service to you. You’re not just speaking to another recruiter, you’re dealing with exceptional head-hunters who fully understand your requirements – whether that be personality traits, technical skills or industry-related knowledge. 


Optimise your website for job seekers


The first thing a candidate will do when researching your organisation is visit your website. As your website is likely directed at your customers, it would be a good idea to include a careers page where candidates can find information on vacancies, benefits and company culture in one place. It might be a good idea to include testimonials from employees too, to really showcase your company as a workplace.


Promote your organisation on job boards


Job boards are handy ways to apply for a large volume of vacancies so it makes sense that professionals seeking their next opportunity would visit them. Make sure your vacancy is offered on these boards alongside your competitors. Whilst most job boards are free, you can promote your vacancy ahead of others with job board advertising.


Use video marketing


Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. If you want to make your vacancy advert stand out and memorable, use video marketing. 


Video marketing offers the opportunity to demonstrate your company culture through employee testimonials. Displaying the daily operations of your organisation can allow potential candidates to imagine themselves within your company.


Manage your employer brand on review sites


Sites like Glassdoor and Indeed see employees reviewing workplaces. Responding to any negative feedback shows that your organisation takes the opinions of your employees seriously and is committed to creating a positive work environment.


Want more advice on recruitment and attraction? Read our amazing recruitment campaign case studies or get in touch today to see how YourCode can help you.