6 Ways to Get a Job with Minimal Experience

6 Ways to Get a Job with Minimal Experience

6 Ways to Get a Job with Minimal Experience

Getting the job you want can sometimes seem like a vicious cycle of having no experience, having your application rejected and, therefore, gaining no experience only to have further applications rejected. So how can you gain that all-important yet elusive experience in the first place? Here are six ways to get a job when you have minimal experience:


  1. Entry-level positions


It’s not always possible to start out in your dream job. That doesn’t mean it’s completely unattainable though! Set a goal of where you want to be in your career and make a plan of how to get there. Start with an entry-level position where you can gain the necessary experience, knowledge and skills and make valuable connections and steadily work your way up to that dream position.


2. Grad schemes


Have a degree? A graduate scheme is targeted at professionals starting out in their field. It’s a structured training programme delivered by an organisation and is designed to develop future leaders of the organisation. This option is perfect for graduates with a career plan or an employer in mind.


3. Apprenticeships


Don’t have a degree? Don’t worry! You can still learn as you earn through an apprenticeship. This is where you are employed by an organisation and study for one day a week at a college, university or training centre in order to work towards a formal qualification. This is a great way to gain essential experience, knowledge and skills.


4. Work experience


If you have any spare time, perhaps during holidays if you’re still studying or if you are willing to dedicate a day when you’re not working, work experience can be a valuable way to learn practically about the industry you would like to enter. Formal work experience placements exist but it’s also possible to send out speculative applications to organisations you are interested in.


5. Transferable Skills


Not all experience has to come from a formal placement, course or job. There are many transferable skills you can exhibit from experience taking an active role in clubs, societies or voluntary organisations. Often candidates have experience their prospective employer never even knows about because the latter omits this vital detail from their application. Don’t forget to add this to your CV and look for further opportunities to develop valuable skills through participation in clubs, societies and voluntary work.


6. Passion


Often, employers aren’t looking for somebody with the perfect qualifications and ten years of experience in the exact same role as the job vacancy. The person who fits this description just left the position making is a vacancy in the first place. If you can demonstrate your passion, interest and willingness to learn you will make yourself extremely attractive to employers. Research your field with books, articles and blogs and contribute to the discourse through blogs and social media. This way, employers can invest in you and provide you with the appropriate training to succeed in the role.