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Wearable technology evolution…

Wearable technology evolution…

Technology is currently transforming our health as developments in this area are vastly increasing and changing our approach to how we care for our health.

We are monitored like never before, as even just the use of our mobile phones allows data to captured however even more in-depth data can be collected from our wearable technology devices like smart watches, fitness meters and can help predict what health issues are going to arise before we even experience symptoms. This collection of data enables the tracking of changes in sleep patterns, body temperature, pulse rates during exercise and can essentially bring awareness and warn people, therefore give better health outcomes.

Predictions for the demand for wearables will grow, and will evolve into the seamless blending of humans to augmented humans. Some smart watches are already predicted to add 2 years to your life span. Other smart clothing like smart swimsuits have an embedded waterproof UV sensor and communicates with smart watches telling to slap on more sunscreen, when UV levels are high.

Also exoskeleton suits already help take the pressure of lifting heavy objects and therefore make people more efficient and less health issues.

The evolution of this technology will be very interesting to see in the next few years.