Record-Breaking Month for Julia

Record-Breaking Month for Julia

Record-Breaking Month for Julia

March marked a record-breaking month for IT Recruitment Consultant Julia, as she placed the highest number of candidates in her recruitment career! We spoke to her and Commercial & Growth Director Josh to find out the secret of her success:



  1. How do you feel about your performance last month?


Julia: I’m proud of myself, I like breaking records and getting better at what I do and that gives me extra motivation.


2. Were you expecting to perform so well in March?


Julia: We have had a lot of recruitment in different parts of Europe. Usually, March is a good month for candidates to think about job changes and there are a lot of new projects starting, so yes it’s not so surprising that March was a record month for myself and the team. 


3. What was the secret to your success?


Julia: Excellent communication with our customers. They always answered all of the candidates’ questions and offers sometimes came after the first meeting. 


4. What was your biggest challenge in March?


Julia: We had a lot of applications and it was challenging to arrange interviews with everyone, but I could rely on other members of the team to help me with it. 


5. How will you be approaching April after your success in March?


Julia: I’m ready for new challenges and I’m not stopping!



  1. How important is Julia’s success to YourCode?



Josh: Since joining YourCode, Julia has become a major part of our recruiting team and a highly-valued team member, especially because of her experience in the Polish market. Julia is reliable and extremely knowledgeable about developer recruitment, helping us to continuously expand in the CEE market. Recruiting IT candidates right now is very difficult, due to the current labour shortages, so Julia’s approach makes a significant difference to our success.



2. Why do you think Julia was so successful in March?



Josh: Julia continues to go above and beyond for our customers, whilst also ensuring that the candidates participate in an incredible candidate journey throughout the recruitment process. She provides extra support to the candidates during the process to ensure they feel supported, and confident but most importantly, ready to showcase their skills at the interview stage. The extra investment in time from our recruiters results in a higher number of placements for our clients as well as happy candidates.