YourCode | Welcome to our new starter: Ellie, Digital Marketing Assistant
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Welcome to our new starter: Ellie, Digital Marketing Assistant

Welcome to our new starter: Ellie, Digital Marketing Assistant

After almost four years of teaching, I was looking for a new challenge that allowed me to be more creative and not have to worry about working on my evenings and weekends. I’d always enjoyed writing at university and in my spare time I like to be creative with crafts and home DIY. I didn’t have any direct experience in marketing but after coming across a “Digital Copywriter” job profile I completed an online course on Digital Marketing and found it fascinating. 


I started to apply for Digital Marketing positions including a role at YourConsultancy Group, which offered everything I was looking for. I found the interview process to be a very positive experience. Despite having little direct experience within marketing or recruitment and consequently a lot of nerves, I was made to feel very comfortable in the interviews and gained a really positive impression of the company. I was impressed by how much and how fast YourConsultancy Group had grown and that they were willing to support my professional development and provide training within the role. The friendly culture among the team was also very evident even at this early stage.


Since beginning my role as a Digital Marketing Assistant I have undertaken a lot of interesting training on social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimisation. Each of my work days is focused around one branch of the company so my week is very varied. On a daily basis I research and create written content for the company website blogs. I also design and schedule social media content to engage our audience and advertise our services. I really enjoy creating all day and learning new skills. My working day is very different from my experience in teaching as I now have more autonomy over my schedule and I’m working more closely alongside other colleagues. 


The atmosphere at YourConsultancy Group is vibrant and warm, balancing productivity with fun when appropriate. I think I was really lucky to find this opportunity at the beginning of a huge career change. I look forward to learning more and cementing my role in the future.