New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior IT Recruiter

New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior IT Recruiter

New Starter: Malgorzata, Our Junior IT Recruiter

We spoke to new starter, Malgorzata about her role as a Junior IT Recruiter at YourCode.


Tell us a little bit about you, inside and outside of work?


Obviously, I’m passionate about my work and I love recruitment. In my spare time, I like to read and watch movies but I guess that’s quite typical. I also like to crochet; I’ve made my own clothes like jumpers and socks and I’ve just recently finished a soft sloth!


How did you come to be a Junior IT Recruiter at YourCode? What has been your career journey so far?


I studied Economics and IT Application at university. During my studies, I worked as a web developer and graphic designer.


I started volunteering at a youth-run organisation and a teammate I was working with left the organisation. I took over recruitment responsibilities for the first time, promoting the vacancies and talking to candidates and I developed a passion for it. I applied for a Graphic Designer Sourcing position, not thinking I would be successful but I was and I was able to learn lots of important sourcing skills.


What is a Junior IT Recruiter? What will you be doing in your new role?


I will be searching for candidates and taking them through the recruitment process to get the best candidates for the companies we’re partnered with.


What advice would you give someone interested in a career in recruitment?


From my own experience, I would say the main thing is to not be scared to apply for new positions and positions that you perhaps don’t have a lot of experience in. Sometimes we underestimate the value of the so-called “soft skills” we possess.


What advice would you give someone interested in a career in technology and IT?


From working with IT companies, I think the most important thing is a drive to learn and a passion for IT. Individuals who possess these qualities tend to be the best candidates because they are often eager to learn independently and they work hard to complete tasks to an excellent standard.


What key skills are essential in your position?


That’s difficult because I have experience with so many different recruiters and everyone works very differently. I think being passionate and communicative makes the best recruiters and sourcers. Talking and listening to candidates, team members and clients helps us to better understand what a client is looking for and match the best candidates to their needs. I also think that, if you want to constantly improve, you need to seek, listen to and implement feedback all the time.


Why did you want to join YourCode?


After I was contacted by Josh on LinkedIn I researched the company and met with Josh to discuss the role. It became evident that we had very similar attitudes towards work and achieving goals. YourCode is driven more by people and relationships than KPIs, which I agree with to be the best way to push forward as a business.


What are you most looking forward to in your first few weeks at YourCode?


I’m most looking forward to meeting all my new teammates and collaborating together. I love meeting new people and seeing how different people work. I can’t wait to get started!