Matt’s First Two Years at YourCode

Matt’s First Two Years at YourCode

Matt’s First Two Years at YourCode

Business Development Manager Matt has been with us for two whole years! We caught up with him to find out how his first two years have been:


Congratulations on your first year at YourCode!


Thank you very much, I knew it was coming up but I didn’t realise that it was literally two years today! It’s flown by; it’s been a very weird time obviously because when I first started the country was in lockdown so I was not only working remotely but I pretty much never went up to the office. Now though, we’re a lot more integrated, we’ve had some great people join in that time and it’s a very exciting time at the moment!


How have you found your first two years at YourCode?


I’ve really enjoyed every minute of it! It’s been a fantastic opportunity. In the time I’ve been at YourCode, my role has changed from being a 360-degree consultant to focusing more on the new business side of things, trying to support the wider team and fronting more vacancies for them. That’s a challenge I’m really enjoying at the moment; Josh and Seon have been really supportive of that and I think we work very well together as a team.


What was the highlight of your time at YourCode?


I think the highlight for me has been stepping into the new business role. That obviously creates more challenges and more pressure but it’s also very rewarding as well in the sense that I’m on the phone all day, I really enjoy the hustle and bustle of that!


What was your biggest challenge?


The biggest challenge is probably that it’s the first remote role that I’ve worked in. I was used to being in the office all the time, so it’s about getting used to being self-disciplined and organised and again, everyone’s been very supportive of that and I think I’m pretty much used to it now.


What are you excited to develop/learn?


I think in IT recruitment, there are always new markets to focus on so there’s a challenge of finding new opportunities and new markets. For example, I’ve just started to focus on Ruby over the last couple of days and I’m sure in the months and years ahead there’ll be new opportunities that I’m not even thinking about at the moment.


Is it how you expected it to be, working at YourCode? 


I’d say it’s more supportive than I would have expected. I think I’ve worked in some more pressurised environments in the past, whereas here we’re more supportive of each other and they really make an effort to make people successful and help them reach their full potential.


What advice would you give someone in their first years at a new job?


I would say just get to know everyone really well and learn all the systems and processes. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice! And, especially in a recruitment or sales job, work hard.