Embedded Talent Acquisition | Subscription Service

Flexible, Fractional and Fabulous. Embedded Talent Acquisition to drive hiring success

Are you a forward-thinking HR leader seeking to optimise your recruitment process without the constraints of traditional agency fees? Look no further than Embedded Talent Acquisition – your subscription-based partner in talent acquisition excellence.


Say goodbye to long-term RPO contracts and hello to our monthly subscription model, designed to adapt to your organisation’s evolving needs. Just like your favourite streaming service, our subscription allows you to scale up or down as needed, providing cost-effective solutions for your recruitment requirements.


Our service is tailor-made for HR leaders like you who are looking to streamline their recruitment process while maximizing ROI. Whether you’re aiming to reduce recruitment agency spend or require additional support during peak hiring periods, our Embedded Talent Acquisition service has you covered.

Benefits For Your Company

  • Cost Effective

    Our subscription service offers tiered pricing plans that provide access to different levels of feature and functionality, that can be tailored to your needs without sacrificing on quality of service, and no hidden costs.

  • Advertising Reach

    With our platform, you can reach up to 50,000 candidates across multiple channels, including social media, job sites and display networks. If you’re looking to increase your candidate pool, our platform offers unparalleled reach and precision.

  • Guaranteed ROI

    Are you tired of investing in recruitment solutions with uncertain returns? It’s time to experience the power of guaranteed ROI with our subscription service. We’re committed to delivering measurable results and ensuring you receive tangible returns for your business.

  • Employer Branding Consultation

    Ready to take your employer brand to the next level? In today’s competitive job market, our consultants will work closely with you to uncover your unique employer brand story and articulate it effectively with your target audience.

“I can’t believe how quickly you have managed to adapt to us, understanding perfectly the organisation’s culture and requirements. You cannot know how much stress and burden you have lifted from me, helping me to continue to develop the business while feeling supported by YourCode.“

HR Lead | Hycom