YourCode | Automation and AI Improve The Healthcare Process!
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Automation and AI Improve The Healthcare Process!

Automation and AI Improve The Healthcare Process!

The pandemic has pushed the healthcare industry to evolve even faster than it was. As the combination of automation and artificial intelligence capabilities enables more to be done with the same workforce.

The addition will help add value to hospitals/medical centers by allowing the systems to perform more time-consuming manual tasks such as patient bookings, billings and other management operations which will in turn reduce patient waiting times and improve the patients experience and overall allow hospital to be more efficient.

Another way that AI will benefit the industry is through its direct support to medical professionals as it can help provide deeper understandings on patient conditions through evidence driven insights.

Another shift in automation the way consumers access medical help, as telemedicine has tripled in usage, and shown that over 90% of new users voted to want to use the telemedicine services again, which is an indication that the industry will continue to be automated in the future.

So will AI & Automation become the new norm?