Service Design & User Research

Officially recognised in 1991, Service Design has been continuously defined and redefined over the last 30 years, with academic circles aiming to outline the principals once and for all.
In recent years, Service Design and User Research has become one of the hottest skill sets in the digital technology department. During the COVID-19 pandemic, governments across Europe invested heavily into GDS projects and since, many private sector companies have begun building internal teams to support these skills.
Service Design and User Research is an area of growth to keep an eye on!

Service Design

Service Design, as a discipline, is perhaps one of the most difficult roles to identify within a User-centred environment. YourCode, over several years of understanding and communicating with these professionals, is able to identify the best candidates within the market, that are able to facilitate the creation or improvement of services that align user and business needs within both a private and public sector environment.

User Research

An integral part of a user-centric approach is the ability to provide an inclusive service or product which stems from User Research. Planning, designing and executing a range of user research activities to support products is something at YourCode, we always question and delve into further when speaking with candidates. This makes our database for UR’s one of the strongest when it comes to sourcing the right talent.


Designers are the doers. The people that are the link that encompass all disciplines of service design. Whether you’re a pure UX Designer, Interaction Designer or Content Designer you play a key role in ensuring a service or product does what it says it’s going to do. We have spent years understanding the differences between all designers which is why design covers over 50% of our Service Design database.

YourCode secured me a job role I have wanted for months, they supported me every step of the way. Communication was top priority for them.

Senior UR Consultant, Leeds