Meet the team: Marcin Orzel

We are very excited to announce our new starter, Marcin Orzel, who has joined the YourCode team to help further our venture into Poland. 
 Background point/ info on your experience:  
Industrial Recruitment / Sales B2B (Electronic Industry)  /  Leadership, people supervising.
Describe what your job entails on a day to day basis: 
Looking for new business opportunities, screening candidates, matching candidates with job offers, 
helping IT specialists to make the next step in their career, supporting clients in search for the best candidates, working on growth of YourCode brand in Krakow.
What attracted you to come work at YourCode? 
New challenge, opportunity to learn the industry,  work with businesses in my hometown (Krakow), fantastic people, great atmosphere, professionalism.
If you could sum up YourCode in 1 way, what would it be?
 If I am an astronaut, YourCode is my Spaceship 
If your interested in working for YourCode,
please email your CV to