IT Sales

As a sales-led organisation, we thoroughly understand the importance of hiring the right sales professional to drive your activities forward. We also see the effects of hiring unqualified, low performing or burnt out sales professionals.

Our sales recruitment is overseen by our Commercial Director who has led sales training, mentoring and coaching for sales professionals globally. He utilises his international network and connections in the software industry to engage with candidates who are not actively seeking a new opportunity. Over 71% of our successful IT Sales placements arrive from referrals.

You can develop exceptional technology products but without a highly-skilled and knowledgeable IT sales team, it becomes increasingly difficult to gain traction with your GTM strategy. Our Commercial Director will partner with you to headhunt the best sales professionals from your competitors to drive your product into the market with huge success.


Our network of CBOs, VPs and Executives has been expertly crafted over many events, engagements and interactions. We partner with these professionals and plan their long term career path giving us expert inside knowledge of their desires, giving us a unique platform to open conversations quicker than other head hunters.


Having an attractive list of clients in the European SaaS market gives us direct access to some of the most prominent sales managers in the industry. We regularly achieve over 60,000 impressions on each management vacancy we advertise per month, giving you the perfect platform to attract the leader that you desire.


Sales Development Representatives and Account Executives are crucial for providing the flow of business into your pipeline. Our teams focus on volume and quality focused sales approaches, using our network to gain internal insight into the performances of SDR & AE candidates before submittal.

Very impressive. Thorough, knowledgeable and ample support provided throughout the process. I will certainly be using your services to build our new SaaS team. Great job.

Andy Plume, IT Sales Director