Is AI the key to building better relationships in Recruitment?

Could Artificial Intelligence be used to help recruiters build better relationships with their candidates?

Artificial Intelligence is the basic idea of computer systems ‘thinking like a human’. The ideology has actually been around since the 1950’s when Arthur Samuel wrote a program that could beat respectable amateurs at Checkers.

Since then, AI has developed substantially and is widely accepted to be a fantastic tool to help businesses cut down on costs and increase quality. In fact, 83% of businesses say AI is a strategic priority for their business today and 53% of companies use AI in their recruitment process.

Many recruitment and HR specialists don’t like the idea of using AI to help with recruitment because you lose the human element. I’m sure at some point in your life someone has said to you “people buy from people” and that’s more true than ever within the recruitment industry, as how can a candidate get a feel for working at a company by speaking to Chatbots and AI systems?

Personally I’ve spoken with many hiring managers that have been unsure of using the AI systems in recruitment when discussing YourCode’s service, because they think the entire recruitment process should be handled by people in order to build good relationships.

But could AI help build a better relationship with a candidate than a Human?

Of course not! If you tried to implement an AI system to automate the entire recruitment process, you would leave candidates feeling like they weren’t worth your time and feeling a disconnect with the business and most likely… not want to work for you!

However… that doesn’t mean that AI can’t help us to build better relationships.

A study done in 2011 found that recruiters only spend 21.5% of their time speaking to candidates and building relationships; whilst 60.2% of their time is spent sourcing and reviewing candidates, 11.5% of their time writing and posting job adverts and 6.8% doing other tasks.

AI systems such as Hiretual, Textio and YourCode’s can automate these time consuming tasks that limit recruiters time on the phone, essentially meaning that consultants can spend much more of their valuable time speaking to prospective candidates. 

Tasks that can be automated by AI include;

  • Sourcing candidates
  • Booking calls/interviews
  • Requesting references
  • Analysing a candidate’s skills (good for tech recruitment)
  • Writing and posting Job adverts
  • And more!

So although AI can’t be used to build better relationships with candidates, it can be used to aid the recruitment process as the recruiters are able to spend more time on building the essential relationships. Which inturn will result in increasing candidates trust, gaining more commitment to the recruiter and having better engagement with the company. 

Author: Luke Amber – Business Development Consultant

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