Remember that topic in maths, Pi?

Yeah? Well, it was first reported on that Google have just smashed the WORLD RECORD for calculating digits of Pi. Google’s compute engine has calculated the most digits of Pi EVER, setting the new world record ahead of it’s competitors.

Emma Haruka Iwao, working as a Developer Advocate in Google’s Seattle offices, has used infrastructure that is powered by Google Cloud to calculate 31.4 trillion units of Pi. The previous world record was set by Peter Trueb in 2016, who calculated the digits of pi to 22.4 trillion digits. This is the first time that a publicly available cloud software has been used for a pi calculation of this magnitude.

Like many of us, Iwao was fascinated by Pi at school and that passion continued throughout her education whilst at University. Her professor, Daisuke Takahashi, was the record holder for the most-calculated digits of pi using a supercomputer.

Iwao used a clever piece of automation which avoided her having to set up 25 computers to run the script. That meant that she could complete the task in such a small turnover time compared to if she had of done it manually.

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